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Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd (UICACS) SANFACE Software partnership

Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd (ACS) was incorporated in 1972 under the umbrella of Haw Par Group, owned by UOB Group. Our core product, PAYmaster Payroll Module was developed in 1990 and has been one of the pioneer payroll vendors supplying Payroll Solutions to Singapore and Malaysia market.

PAYmaster has been used by more than 1000 organisations of various sizes and from diverse industries. After the merger with UIC Technologies Pte Ltd in year 2000, being stronger both financially and in physical backup, it further enables UIC Asian Computer Services Pts Ltd (UICACS) to improve the level of professionalism on the services offered to all its valued customers.

UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd recently partnered with SANFACE Software to convert selected confidential PAYmaster reports into PDF documents with password encryption. TXT2PDF Pro + Crypt is selected as the tool to be used for PDF conversion after evaluating other products. With the security component of this tool, it helps PAYmaster to maintain the confidentiality of the payroll reports. The tool is easy to use and can be executed in the command line. Sanface’s TXT2PDF Pro + Crypt helps our product, PAYmaster, to generate a paperless confidential report. This tool also provides the usage of a background design in the reports that are useful for some of our customers.

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