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Great Falls Public Schools project

About Great Falls Public Schools

Great Falls Public Schools is a K-12 education school district in Great Falls, Montana. We have over 11,000 students. Our business system is an HP3000 mini-computer.

The problem

We produce many paper reports for our employees and were looking for a way to cut down on our paper consumption. We also had an archival issue in that keeping large paper reports was cumbersome and ineffective.

Why txt2pdf PRO?

Txt2pdfPRO was chosen as it was available for the HP3000 (read Installing txt2pdf on 3000) and we were able to incorperate a process to convert our paper reports into usable PDF documents that we could ftp or e-mail for use. We created a process that we could have the reports generated and ftp'd to a server to the appropriate location for the responsible user. The PDF generation is achieved by selecting the PDF print device as the destination device. We then have a process that checks that device for output and converts it to PDF files and transfers it to the server. This also allows us to copy the PDF documents to CD for archival purposes. End result is a much more effective process that requires minimal paper.
We were able to simulate green bar 8.5 x 14 inch line printer paper for our reports as well as dealing with the form feed issue on the 3000.


Benefits derived from this project:

  • Printing less paper with faster turn around (PDF faster than printing).
  • Can archive PDF documents vs having reams of paper for archival.
  • Significant paper and ribbon savings.
  • Large reports are now cataloged and full-text searchable.

This is a sample report output


This synopsis was compiled by:

Bob McGregor
Great Falls Public Schools
Great Falls Public Schools

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