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Version 1.0 25th February 2003

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What is pdfmodify?

pdfmodify is a very flexible and powerful program.
pdfmodify allows you to modify existing pdfs adding data in the correct position in the correct page. It's simple to use it like a batch application to fill every PDF form in your archive.
It's simple to use it inside your cgis.
PDFmodify is a powerful tool for PDF prepress use, the output PDF have the same information like the input file. You can manage big prepress pdf file adding data you can extract from the application you prefer.
We distribute only executable versions (if you need ask us the original PERL code, we'll evaluate your request).

Prepress tests

We have tested PDFmodify for prepress use and we can confirm that PDFmodify support and preserve:

Getting pdfmodify, Licence and Registration

pdfmodify is a Perl tool.
We distribute only 6 executable versions:

You can freely redistribute pdfmodify tool in its unregistered archive format (zip or tar.gz)
You can ask us other UNIX executables (Linux like Slackware and Caldera, Linux on mips, OSF/1, FreeBSD, BSD/OS, OpenBSD, IRIX) or the original Perl code (we'll evaluate your request).
In the case we'll decide to send you the original perl code:
You can't modify directly it.
You can't resell pdfmodify or a modify version of it without SANFACE Software authorization.
You can't copy part of it to include in your source without SANFACE Software authorization.

We trust you.

The pdfmodify Windows version
The pdfmodify AIX version
The pdfmodify HP-UX version
The pdfmodify Linux version
The pdfmodify Solaris version
The pdfmodify Mac OS X version

The registration fee is

every server installation.

Description Payment Options
Register NOW pdfmodify 1.x via a SECURE SERVER at www.RegSoft.COM Credit Card, FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone, Purchase Order

If you're a developer or a software house and you're interested to use pdfmodify inside your tools these're our standard economical policies (the unit price will be completely different if your application is a client application). In every case we suggest you to contact directly us. We're a small company and we're interested to find economical agreements and partnerships.

Volume Discount

4-10 $900 each (no CPU server difference)
11 or more $750 each (no CPU server difference)

Reseller Discount

Contact directly us! We're looking for resellers and partnerships.

No limit license

You've one or more products with a lot of installations and you want to put pdfmodify inside every your tool. This is the licence you're looking for.
Its costs: $55000 + 20 % every year. Obviously you'll receive every update freely.

Installing pdfmodify
  1. Create a new directory (e.g. pdfmodify)
  2. We distribute pdfmodify in 2 formats: .zip and .tar.gz
    With the file .zip you can use a lot of tools to unzip it and put all the files inside the new directory you've created
    With .tar.gz on Windows you can use Winzip, on unix you can use gunzip + tar commands or directly GNU tar with option z (e.g. tar zxvf pdfmodify.tar.gz)
  3. test if the executable version works correctly:
    ./pdfmodify -h (on Windows .\pdfmodify -h)
    The result is simply a minimal help
  4. reorder your first PDF on the fly:
    ./pdfmodify -t pdfmologo.pdf -o test.pdf -i advertise.txt
    (on Windows .\pdfmodify -t pdfmologo.pdf -o test.pdf -i advertise.txt)

pdfmodify [-options ...]
where options include:

-template "infile.pdf" the template file
-output "outfile.pdf" the output file
-input "control.txt" the control file

You can use the abbreviations "-t", "-o" and "-i".
pdfmodify -t infile.pdf -o outfile.pdf -i control.txt

Very important is the syntax you can use inside the control file. See an example inside advertise.txt inside your distribution.

  1. If a line starts with # this line is a comment.
  2. To set a specific font type, the font size and the color (following the PDF rule for rgb, cmyk and grey e.g. .4_.3_0_rg for .4 .3 0 rg, .5_g for .5 g, .3_.2_.4_.7_k for .3 .2 .4 .7 k) you can use
    configure -font font_type -fontsize number -color color_reg_cmyk_grey
    Remember at the moment you can set only the 14 default fonts and you have to use exactly the correct PDF entry: Courier, Courier-Bold, Courier-BoldOblique, Courier-Oblique, Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold, Helvetica-BoldOblique, Helvetica-Oblique, Times-Roman, Times-Bold, Times-Italic, Times-BoldItalic, Symbol, ZapfDingbats
  3. To put a string in a specific page, in a specific (x,y) position you can use
The example you can find in the demo distribution: pdfmodify is a trademark of SANFACE Software© 2003.
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