SANFACE Software: the developer of txt2pdf

SANFACE Software

We use power of Perl combined with our products to develop tools that create PDF files dynamically and we can customize to your requirements.
Our tools run on all operating systems supported by Perl (also OpenVMS, OS/390, Z/OS, MPE, AS400, iSeries).
You can use a binary version on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Mac OS X.

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Few references

We're happy to cite a customer note about txt2pdf: "I've been downloading numerous TXT -> PDF applications for many days now, trialing them to no avail. With large text files in which I'd like to convert to PDF the programs always seem to hang on me. Not yours! Your's is the only one that doesn't hang with larger text files and I'd just like to take 5 minutes of my hectic day to thank you for creating this innovative software. BIG THANKS. Keep up the good work."

MIAG belongs to the METRO AG and assume the centralized payment and its guarantee, as well as some international co-ordination for our European affiliated companies and their suppliers. In this connection we develope solutions for our customers, the suppliers of the Metro Group, to deliver the payment advice as a PDF. Also we provide the PDF on our Internet Portal for download. The monthly output is about 150'000 pages.
Costa Crociere, a company of Carnival Corporation, is converting their mainframe textual reports to PDFs with Lotus Domino agents and txt2pdf PRO
Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. is using txt2pdf PRO to convert thousands of acknowledgements and invoices made by their 100% COBOL application. This is a sample Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. bill.
The Halifax Herald Limited is using txt2pdf PRO to convert its classified ads. This is a sample Herald bill.
FREQUESTIS uses TXT2PDF to convert parts lists which are generated out of SAP R/3 from ASCII to PDF.