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txt2pdf on OpenVMS

TXT2PDF.COM is a short DCL procedure to interface with the script (replacement for #!/usr/bin/perl in Unix) :

Actually, the safest TXT2PDF.COM would be like this

$ perl 'INSTALL_DIR'TXT2PDF.; 'p1' 'p2' 'p3' 'p4' 'p5' 'p6' 'p7' 'p8' !
Safest because : usage of NO_CONCEAL and -"][" prevents from screw up in case of multiply chained VMS logicals definitions. Usage of -".000000" is added to support installation in perl_root:[000000] a very common directory for perl script installation. The ultimate would be to use the wrapper I have previously sent (but that would require a make file which appends to an OS-dependant wrapper the perl script.)

The POD documentation is really the best for distributing a perl-based help.

        pod2man txt2pdf.pod >
        pod2html txt2pdf.pod >txt2pdf.html
        pod2hlp txt2pdf.pod 
The last command can be be used only if the POD2HLP.PM from Dan Susgalski is installed (on the Perl module archive). pod2man usually comes with perl distribution, perl2html has been added in recent versions of perl.

User may include the generated TXT2PDF.HLP in the Help library (either LIBRARY/REPLACE SYS$HELP:HELPLIB.HLB TXT2PDF.HLP or any suitable library for "freeware").

Multiuser Features

A system manager can install txt2pdf and provide a default .cfg file for his users/organization

define/system TXT2PDF wherever:default.cfg VMS in SYLOGIN.COM for example

A user can still overwrite the value using another setenv or define command in his own .cshrc/ if he wants to have a default file of his own. A user can still have a working directory with a txt2pdf.cfg file and have it loaded if exists. This allows him (without command line option) to setup fully functional working directories. He can also (as he wishes) use the -configure option to overwrite any defaults.

OpenVMS perl documentation:
The PERL Programing Language

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