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Visual txt2pdf

A SANFACE Software Tool.
Developed by Cedric Foko
Version 3.3.1 15th March 2004



In Association with
SANFACE Software

What is visual txt2pdf?

Visual txt2pdf is a Windows graphical user interface to txt2pdf and txt2pdf PRO.  It is included in the Windows .zip files.  It has been developed using Visual Basic.

Why do you need visual txt2pdf?

The purpose of Visual txt2pdf is to allow you to configure txt2pdf.cfg and execute txt2pdf (or txt2pdf PRO ) in a simpler way.  It also allows you to preview the produced PDFs.  To use all the powerful features we suggest you also read the txt2pdf documentation and txt2pdf PRO documentation.

How can I customize visual txt2pdf?

If you need to customize Visual txt2pdf or put part of the code inside your applications or simply understand how to interface Acrobat Reader and txt2pdf core, we can sell you the code.
Contact us. (Soon you'l find on line the possibility to buy the code).

How can I use visual txt2pdf?

Simply start up Visual txt2pdf by clicking on the executable.   The GUI will automatically be brought up and you should see something similar to this:

main screenshot

Selecting Setting/Options/Format you can see a window similar to this:

set format screenshot

From here, you merely need to change the entries in the GUI to suit your needs, and the PDF will be produced according to your specifications.  For instance, should you choose Letter as your default Paper Style, the entry in txt2pdf.cfg will be changed to: (paper: letter).  If you do not understand the exact meaning for every field, you can read more about them from the txt2pdf documentation and txt2pdf PRO documentation.
Pay attention: the features Top Margin and Left Margin and Compression Level are available for use only with txt2pdf PRO.

Selecting Setting/Options/Layout you can see a window similar to this:

set layout screenshot

The 'Layout Options' tag will allow you to change things like the default temporary directory as well as other features that are available in txt2pdf and txt2pdf PRO.  Please read the txt2pdf documentation and txt2pdf PRO documentation for more information.

Selecting Setting/Options/Properties you can see a window similar to this:

set properties screenshot

Selecting Setting/Options/Mail & FTP you can see a window similar to this:

set properties screenshot

Add the files you want using:

Select the files you want to convert (if you need to reuse this list you can save it File/Save List and reuse it using File/Load List), and click Create PDFs.  Now you can find the created PDFs in the Output box.  If you click on a PDF file you can see it with the Adobe Acrobat plug-ins, providing that you have them installed.


scheduler screenshot

Click on Scheduler and then on Add you can select the list of files you've before saved (.tsk) and schedule it to the date and the time you want.
The .tsk syntax is very simple: it's a sequence of PDFs with their absolute path (one for line).
You can create this file also directly from your application.

Can the use of visual txt2pdf substitute the use of txt2pdf or txt2pdf PRO?

No, it cannot.  Visual txt2pdf is merely a frontend application to make the use of txt2pdf and txt2pdf PRO that much simpler for our users.  With Visual txt2pdf, you're afforded an easy way to use all of txt2pdf and txt2pdf PRO's features.

What is new in this version?
Possible Problems

At the moment, visual txt2pdf only understands the txt2pdf.cfg it has directly created.

Visual txt2pdf is a trademark of SANFACE Software 2004.
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