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Contributed programs

Do you want to reformat your text before passing it to txt2pdf?  e.g. do you want to justify it?
We suggest you use Text::Autoformat, an automatic plaintext reformatter written by Damian Conway. You can find it at

The Windows executable version has now inside Visual txt2pdf: a VB graphical user interface. You can find the VB code (GPL licence) in the Visual_txt2pdf directory inside contributed part. It was developed by Cedric Foko

txt2pdf.cgi 3.0 and pdfindex 3.0 are now free code examples. Use and modify txt2pdf.cgi 3.0 to create your cgi based on txt2pdf!

Do you want to download your texts via Internet (http, ftp, ...) and passing it to txt2pdf?  We suggest you use GNU wget, a freely available network utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web using HTTP and FTP, the two most widely used Internet protocols. It works non-interactively, thus enabling work in the background, after having logged off.  You can find it at GNU.

Text to PDF generation using a standard SCO lp command by Gavin Jackson new

logo !txt2pdf is a RiscOS frontend for txt2pdf [from Joern-Erik LEO Burkert]
Requires: JFShared-Library by Justin Fletcher, !Perl for RiscOS and txt2pdf
You can find it in the contributed/Acorn-Risc directory or directly at LEO's RisOS-page
See a screenshot of the program
We're looking for contributed frontends: Java, GTK, pTK.

Text-Flowchart is 'ASCII Flowchart maker' perl module created by Jim Thomason. You can find it at
See this text Flowchart and its PDF convertion via txt2pdf (you can also find these examples in the Tests/flowchart directory).

Contributed documentation

English documentation done by: Marc Silver

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